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Initiative Tracker

Name Init   AC Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha hp Notes  


Using the Tracker

  1. To add actors to the tracker, click on the 'Add' button. Fill out the actor form and click 'Save'. Note that if you have multiple actors of the same type (for example, ten orcs), you can enter their number and the tracker will create the multiple actors for you.
  2. When you have added your actors and entered their initiative rolls, click on the 'Sort' button below the initiative column. This will sort the actors in initiative order, from highest to lowest.
  3. To indicate that it is an actor's turn, click on their status icon (normally, a blue square). The icon will turn into a gold star, and a turn timer will start. Click on the timer to pause or resume.
  4. To save your tracker, click on the 'Save' button. Actor data will be saved to the donjon server, and assigned an ID. To restore your tracker in the future, click on the 'Load' button and enter this ID.