Beware the vampire hydra


Although the donjon website is primarily the product of a single insane entity, many individuals have made contributions of code, data, methods, or inspiration. In alphabetical order, and with apologies to anyone I've forgotten,

Dave Arneson, for Dungeons & Dragons.

Derek Stucki, for his method of weighting scroll spells.

Gary Gygax, for Dungeons & Dragons.

Jim Babcock, for his article on cellular automata.

John Olsson, for his fractal world generator code.

Kate Monk, for her onomastikon.

Marc Miller, for Traveller.

Robin Stacey, for Microlite20.

S. John Ross, for Medieval Demographics Made Easy.

Silas deBoer, for his Star Wars d20 freight jobs.

Special thanks to the reddit RPG community
for making sure that the site crashes under load once in a while.